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History Of C Language


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History Of C Language is very interesting. C language is developed after the B language which was derived from BCPL.

C  is a general-purpose, procedure-oriented computer programming language developed in 1972 by Dennis M. Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories. It was developed to develop the UNIX operating system.C is the most widely used computer language.

History Of C Language

Let’s see a few points about the History Of C language:

  • Most Functions of c language is derived from an earlier language called “B” which was developed by Ken Thompson in 1970.
  • B language is derived from BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language) which was developed by Martin Richard in 1967.
  • ‘B’ language could perform the same task in a few lines of program and it was faster than assemble language code.
  • But, B language was not sufficient to meet requirements with the evolution of technologies. It did not support some features like data types and structures etc. So, this was a drawback of the B language. So, Dennis Ritchie developed C language by keeping most part of the B language and adding many features that produced powerful and effective outputs.
  • Although, the main reason behind the development of C language to implement the UNIX operating system.
  • C is a middle-level language that is a combination of high level and low-level language.
  • C follows a procedure-oriented programming approach and a top-down approach.

Hierarchy Table

Programming Language Development Year
Regional Assembly Language 1951
Autocode 1952
IPL 1954
FORTRAN (First Compiler) 1957
LISP 1958
ALGOL 58 1958
FACT 1959
COBOL 1959
RPG 1959
APL 1962
Simula 1962
CPL 1963
BASIC 1964
PL/I 1964
JOSS 1966
BCPL 1967



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