Decimal To Binary In C

Let’s understand the idea involved in the programming of “Binary To Decimal Conversion In C“. C program to convert an integer from decimal number system (base-10) to binary number system (base-2). The size of an integer is assumed to be 32 bits. We will use the bitwise operator “AND” to perform the desired task. We right shift the original number by 31, 30, 29, …, 1, 0 bits using a for loop and bitwise AND the number obtained with 1(one), if the result is 1, then that bit is 1 otherwise it is 0 (zero).

In Simple way, Store the remainder when the number is divided by 2 in an array. Divide the number by 2. Repeat the above two steps until the number is greater than zero. Print the array in reverse order now.

Decimal To Binary In C


Explanation Of Code:

  • Step 1: 19/2, Remainder = 1, Quotient = 9
  • Step 2: 9/2, Remainder = 1, Quotient = 4
  • Step 3: 4/2, Remainder = 0, Quotient = 2
  • Step 4: 2/2, Remainder = 0, Quotient = 1
  • Step 5: 1/2, Remainder = 1, Quotient = 0

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