C Program to Check Vowel or Consonant

How to write a C Program to Check Vowel or Consonant with an example?. In English, five alphabets A, E, I, O, and U called Vowels. All the remaining alphabets except these five called consonants.

A user will input a character and we will check whether it is a vowel or not. Both lower-case and upper-case are checked. The five letters A, E, I, O and U are called vowels. All other alphabets except these 5 vowels are called consonants. This program assumes that the user will always enter an alphabet character.

Example Using If Else


Explanation Of Code

The character entered by the user is stored in variable c.

The lowercase variable evaluates to 1 (true) if c is a lowercase vowel and 0 (false) for any other characters. Similarly, the uppercase variable evaluates to 1 (true) if c is an uppercase vowel and 0 (false) for any other character.

If either lowercase or uppercase variable is 1 (true), the entered character is a vowel. However, if both lowercase and uppercase variables are 0, the entered character is a consonant.

Example Using Switch Case

Assuming character is accepted as an input.


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