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Mycteacher Promises to deliver quality content which can transform a student into professional. Learning Anything has been always easy however implementing that knowledge in real world is really critical. And, we are here to make this happen. We will help you step by step in implementing your knowledge to real world.

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This website provides you a separate space for learning. A space free from advertisement with a lot of assignment, quizzes & real-world projects. Also, you can discuss your problem with other students by commenting on each tutorial. No worry! We are here to help you any way we can.

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Founder & Instructor

Entrepreneur/Freelancer/Instructor/Software Developer

Hello, Folks! My name is Rahul, your instructor. Well, I have worked as a Software Developer. Tired Of 9-6 Job, I said B-Bye & became independent. I have been teaching thousands of students from 85+ countries online using different platforms. Also, I do freelancing in web development and SEO. 

Cracking An Interview Of IT Firm is not a big deal when you know a few tricks. I have never prepared for Campus & Still Managed to grab the Job in all the companies I sat.

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