Mycteacher is founded to provide the best tutorial on C programming language. Actually, there is a story behind the foundation of this website.

When, i was in my college and wanted to learn C programming. I went through several websites on the internet and read several books on C programming. What i found is there were awesome tutorials on the internet. However, that tutorials were not best for me.

Because, the way in which these tutorials were written on the web were not easy to understand for me. It’s possible that it might be easy for you guys, but really tough for most of you. That’s why i started this website to provide you guys better solution of this major problem.

On this website, I have written awesome articles in order to help you. You will get programming questions with solution, all the type of interview related questions that are very important for the preparation interview. In addition, You will have free access to tutorial on c programming, programming questions with solution, tricky questions, multiple choice questions, aptitude questions related to c programming and many more.

More interesting thing is you will be able to learn C programming with the help of infographics. You can get our premium courses on lowest price in the market.

Guys, My name is Rahul Kumar. I have worked as a software developer in an IT company. Currently, I am an entrepreneur as well as a passionate blogger. Learning new things with curiosity, presenting thses things in easiest way and helping the future of our world (you guys) is the motto of my life.

I am continuously doing hard work in order to serve you best knowledge on c programming. Please, motivate me by sharing awesome articles and be a part of mycteacher. Love you guys. I am sure this website will be beneficial you. Thanks for coming to my website.

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