Learn to Code Real World Projects In C Language

Mycteacher is made to deliver A-Z about C Programming language. C is the most important and primary language taught to students. This website provides Free tutorials. Also, this website provides Paid Courses, Projects & eBooks at an affordable price.

Let’s Start The Journey Of Job Hunting: “Become a Professional Developer and Crack Any Interview On C Language.”

Free Programmes


Learn C Programming Language Step By Step. Read an awesome tutorial on C Programming in Free. Go From Zero To Hero In C Language.


It’s easy to write codes in C Programming Language. Writing a program is not a big deal. However, Writing optimized code matters.

Theoretical Questions

Read a club of eminent questions that are mostly asked during an interview. Now, it’s easy to crack tricky Theoretical questions.

Mcq Questions

Solve the MCQ on C language to crack Written as well as Interview. Check the solution if you have a problem is solving and boost your skill.

Tricky Questions

Tricky questions in C language are asked to check candidate’s command along with Presence of Mind.

Switch 2 Hindi

Read Everything In Hindi. Get Premium Courses, Understand Projects and Programmes In Hindi.

Premium Courses

Premium Affordable Courses on C Programming Language & Soft Skills.

Crack Written Test, Interview Round, and PI easily. All the courses are made by Industry experts. These Courses are specially made to meet the demand of Freshers who are having difficulties in learning Coding. Let’s Start The Journey!

C For Freshers

Best C Programming Course For Freshers. Enroll to understand building blocks of C language.

A-Z Course: C Language

Go From Zero To Hero. Learn To Code Real World Projects In C Language.

DSA/OS/DBMS Interview

This Course Contains Important Questions  Of DSA, OS & DBMS Asked During Interview.

Crack C Interview

Crack MCQ, Theoretical, Logical & Aptitude Questions in Written and Interview Rounds.

C Programming Dose

Enroll To Crack The Coding Round. Understand Important Programming Questions Easily.

Placement Course

Learn Everything Required For Placement Along With Minor & Major Project.

Paid Projects

Premium Affordable Projects In C Language

Get Minor and Major Projects In C Programming Language At An Affordable Price. You will get projects along with Synopsis & step by step guide.


A Software Built-In C Programming Language To Manage Vocabs.


An Employee Management System Built In C Language To Manage Employee Records.


An Offline Billing System Built-In C Programming Langauge.


A Project Built In C To Manage Your Important Contact Numbers Offline.


A Software Built-In C Programming Language To Manage Cyber Cafe Offline.


An Offline TYPING Software Built-In C Programming.

Vimp Books

Buy eBooks Written By MyCteacher Experts Or Buy Other Imp Books From Amazon.

Get The Awesome eBooks Written By MyCteacher Experts. Also, We have Provided List Of Important Books You Can Buy From Amazon.

Easy C eBook

Easy C is an ebook written by experts of Mycteacher which contains everything needed.

*****Placement eBook

Placement ebook contains everything including Important Program & Soft Skill.

*****Top 10 Books

Checkout The List Of Important Books You Can Buy Online From Amazon and Flipkart Selected By Experts.

C Interview eBook

This ebook is written by Industry experts containing everything to crack Interview.

Important Program

This ebook contains all the important program and its logic.

Soft Skill eBook

This ebook contains all the important Soft Skill Question with Answer.

Begin Student To Professional Journey

Mantras to become Professional from Student. Read this blog and follow each and every step as mentioned. If you will do everything exactly then You can hunt an awesome job with a lucrative package.

Most of the Colleges don’t provide basic skills needed by IT Companies. This creates a difference between what students have & what the company wants. We can minimize this difference together.

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